About Us


DeDeKaSa IPtech Co., Ltd is a professional trademark agency affiliated with TOMI IPR GROUP, focusing on trademark applications and strategic layouts. Since its establishment in 2002, TOMI IPR GROUP has included TOMI INT'L Patent & Trademark Office, which specializes in patent services, and HOLONG IPR Management Co., Ltd., which handles intellectual property consulting. In 2017, due to the booming trademark business, TOMI IPR GROUP spun off its trademark operations to establish DeDeKaSa.As a professional trademark agency, DeDeKaSa offers high-quality global trademark application and layout services. The company is trusted by domestic and international applicants for its professional handling quality. It is committed to innovating trademark services, not only achieving the branding goals of applicants but also actively enhancing service efficiency and customer satisfaction, providing comprehensive and flexible intellectual property solutions.


Experienced and trustworthy


Global Trademark Application

With over 20 years of experience, DeDeKaSa is your trusted partner for securing and safeguarding trademarks worldwide. Our team of experts seamlessly guides Taiwanese enterprises through international trademark applications and assists foreign clients in acquiring trademark rights in Taiwan. DeDeKaSa: Your unwavering ally in global trademark protection.


Trademark search and investigation services.

Our comprehensive trademark search and investigation services, conducted by experienced experts, ensure a thorough assessment of trademark availability and potential conflicts. We deliver accurate insights, empowering you to set the stage for a secure trademark future.


Trademark extension services

Safeguard your brand legacy with seamless trademark renewal services. In today's dynamic business world, your trademark is an invaluable asset, representing the reputation, quality, and trust you've built. However, trademark rights have a limited duration. We understand the critical importance of renewal and are dedicated to providing comprehensive, reliable services to ensure your brand's continued strength


Protect Your Brand: Expert Trademark Dispute Resolution

Our experienced team offers comprehensive legal solutions for trademark conflicts. We fight to safeguard your brand, ensuring your intellectual property is protected. Choose us for reliable and effective dispute resolution.


Your Trusted Partner for Intellectual Property

Our team of seasoned trademark strategists and IP consultants possesses in-depth knowledge and experience to help you navigate the complexities of IP protection and leverage your IP assets to achieve your business goals.